To bring this Momentum

To Bring this Momentum 2024 is a collaboration with print maker and visual artist David Armes who will be in residence at Hyde Park Arts Club (part of Hyde Park Book Club). Gerry will work with dance artist Vanessa Grasse to animate some live performance within the installation, and offer movement workshops. For more information follow.

Performance Jan 17

Workshops Feb 2/3/4

Design History as Site Specific Practice

In collaboration with Dr Sabrina Rahman Exeter University and Christina Zutterland Sweden. Gerry lead a workshop in September 2021 for participants as part of a 3 day conference in Basel concerning re-mapping design history. The workshop was an embodied practice for the participants focusing on the body in physical space, and to the reflect on their relationship to objects and location. These ideas and practices are currently moving towards further research at Lister Mill in Bradford in 2024. This will explore Diaspora by Design: Migration, Mills and Interiors.

Moving into Sculpture Workshops

Gerry facilitated two movement workshops along the public art trail at the University of Leeds. This was part of 'Campus Live' events organized by The Cultural Institute at the University and in collaboration with Stanley and Audrey Burton gallery. Alison Grace-Clissold was the supporting dance artist. Eve Goff the photographer

More events like this will be planned for 2023

When Feelings Take on Solid Shapes~A film and Choreography project

Following the success of the work they did together at Temple Newsam in 2020. (The Between Space) Gerry started a new project with Catherine Bertola. This has created a series of three short films located at Seaton Delaval Hall in NE England. The work explores interaction of choreography and film in the daily spaces we inhabit. Performed by dancer Mati Torres Laborde, filmed and edited by Christo Wallers.

Below the Salt

As part of the 500 year anniversary at Temple Newsam House, Gerry collaborated with Artist Catherine Bertola. She created a film with three dancers in the underground passageways and hidden stairwells of the house to reflect how the servants would navigate unseen below the building. The film was shown in Catherine's exhibition which was open to the public at the house.

You can see the film now on the video page of this site

The Generous Body

A series of workshops exploring the relationship of body to our environment.

Gerry has been developing this work for the past few years. The most recent workshops were in York and in Chateau Deux in Switzerland. This work is on-going research. If you would like to explore these ideas or book this workshop, please contact Gerry